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sheskills-38-of-217She Skills is a collaboration between partners in life and work, Meg and Clint Solly, whose creative credentials go way back. Team Solly has been a creative force since 2000, when they met as performers; she as a singer and dancer and he as an acrobat. Since then, they have lived and worked in 3 countries, 3 states of Australia, 7 cities and on 2 cruise ships. In 2016, Meg and Clint decided to combine their unique skills and experience to create She Skills, a place where women are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, learn new skills and build the confidence to imagine, design and create great things.
Meg Solly

Meg Solly

Founder | CEO | Maker

A performer by nature, Meg has been entertaining folks since she could speak. She has worn many hats including singer, dancer, magicians assistant, gymnastics coach, teacher, HR Manager and Safety Adviser.  She holds qualifications in Human Resources, Safety, Vocational Education and Social Science.

Meg is a passionate advocate of women’s rights and started She Skills as a driver of change to increase women’s representation in male-dominated industries, while providing women with practical life skills.

On her occasional spare weekend, you will find Meg wandering markets, hanging out under the old fig trees listening to folk music and hiking up mountains, with her tiny dog Maximus in tow.

Clint Solly

Clint Solly

Founder | Instructor | Maker

The man who can make anything, by his own admission. Clint is a trade qualified Cabinet Maker and has a Diploma of Scenery and Set Construction. With a unique combination of creativity, technical skills and an understated teaching style, Clint is one of a kind.  He has built solid timber furniture, grand exhibitions, high spec domestic cabinetry and theatrical sets.

He’s also a former national gymnast and coach, who has performed acrobatics around the world and worked for Disney and Dreamworld.  He’s a man of many talents.

When he’s not in the workshop, you will find Clint indulging his love for science fiction television series, sport, craft beer and cruising salvage yards looking for timber.

Beth O'Connor

Beth O'Connor

Resident Wordsmith

From a young age, Beth loved writing stories and explored the world vicariously through a series of books she penned about her beloved Winnie the Pooh (though she assures us no copyright was infringed). In high school she moved from story writing to debating, where she realised the power of words to change perspectives. Naturally a career in law followed.

With a heart for social justice and equality, Beth has also volunteered in Delhi, Arusha and Cape Town. It was through relaying her experiences here that she got the courage to put herself out there as a freelance writer, sharing stories of triumph over adversity.

Outside of work, Beth loves nature, wine, food and a myriad of other Gen Y clichés.


Elizabeth O'Connor

Elizabeth O'Connor

Marketing Guru

Coming soon……


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