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We couldn't find a place for women to learn non-traditional skills, so we created one.

She Skills is challenging stereotypes and building a community of confident capable women.  We teach short courses in all things non-traditional in a safe and encouraging environment. Woodworking, power tools, building, car maintenance and more. At She Skills, you will be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone to explore new skills. Remember, “there are no mistakes, only opportunities for creative thinking” (Patt Gregory). Check out our She Skills workshops today!!


She Skills Workshops

She Skills Workshops

We run workshops designed by women for women. Check out our range of workshops and try a new skills today.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team Meg and Clint Solly have been working together for 16 years and have a passion for teaching all things creative.

Here's what people are saying!!

Brilliant Class … learnt so much in one afternoon and came away with an actual, useful object for my apartment!


I have a pretty short attention span and the 3 hours just flew by. Using the drill was good as it’s a small obtainable tool to buy and use at home.


Thank you She Skills for an amazing session last weekend! Can’t thank you both enough for teaching us skills to help us help ourselves in many of these home projects! My family were amazed at my little woodwork creation! The part I enjoyed the most was using the drop saw. I would highly recommend the She Skills course to any ladies to hone their confidence in tackling basic carpentry skills hands on! Great day! May there be many more to come!


When the company that I work for “Construction Skills Training Centre” was approached by Meg Solly from She Skills to hire a space to run workshops for women to provide them with practical life skills, I didn’t realise at the time the positive impact this was going to have on my life. I attended a one day workshop and not only did I come away from that feeling empowered but I also spent the day with some amazing inspirational women of all ages that are looking for the same thing. Basically some more confidence to take on some tasks at home instead of waiting for the “man of the house” or a “home handyperson” to get to it. This experience and the relationship formed with Meg has given me the confidence to start up my own business which I have been thinking about for some time but didn’t think I could do it.


She Skills is a fantastic way to learn new skills and gain confidence in a supportive, fun environment. A few classes have inspired me to start my own upcycling projects!


The She Skills workshop was a big confidence booster for me. It was a really fun day learning new skills along side other like-minded women and getting to make a cool woodworking project I can proudly hang in my home. I left feeling inspired and have since bought a timber gardening trolley, sanded it back and re-painted it myself (something I’d only talk about doing before). Now I’m keen to get my little balcony garden thriving again. Thanks for the motivation She Skills and the new skills to boot.


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Unit 23 – 133 Hyde Road, Yeronga, Qld, 4104 T +61 423 277 759 E

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